Room Addition For Work Or Leisure

Serving Santa Clara and San Jose with skilled room addition service that perfectly meets needs & budgets.

Room addition will spread out the living space and meet the needs of your family. The fact that the value of your home increases is an added advantage. Room addition is great and a solitary way to freshen up, improve the visual appearance, functionality and to change the layout of your house. In this way the only key to fleshing out perfect room remodel and room addition idea is to engage services of professional, experienced and reputable home remodeling contractor.

At Done Right Home Remodeling we aim to provide an outstanding service and have an efficient staff of master carpenters who will provide you with the finest carpentry. This allows us to provide a service and design which will remain unparalleled. Whether it is addition of a master bathroom, a mudroom, a laundry room or anything else, we’ll do it all.

Needless to say like all our projects, you will be an integral part of the designing and modeling process of the room. Done right room addition services are the second to none. Only a few contractors in California have same level of knowledge and experience of completing room addition projects on time, and on budget.

We use the materials of the finest quality and allow the rest of your house to dictate the style of the new room unless you would prefer otherwise.Coming up with an entirely new room can be a tedious task and hence our experts will help you come up with an idea for the same and help you in finding answers for several design questions.

Do check out the pictures on our website to see our previous works and if needed choose one from those for us to replicate.