Professional Interior/Exterior Painting Service

Freshening up homes in Santa Clara & San Jose with elegant interior/exterior painting services.

At Done Right Home Remodeling we offer a plethora of services ranging from painting walls in just a single room right up to taking care of both the interior and exterior paintings in a large project. We are engaged in offering a wide variety of painting services including interior painting, exterior painting, bedroom painting, house painting, coating, finishing, etc.

Irrespective of the kind of service that you choose, our principles continue to apply. We will work with you in order to create an environment in your home that you will continue to enjoy in all the years to come. We constantly provide you with the updates and ensure that the project is completed within the given time.

Our staff consists of experienced painters who are committed to providing the services and craftsman of the finest kind. Not only is our craftsmanship great, even the paint and the materials that we use are the best of its kind.

Our attention to detail as well as craftsmanship makes sure that you enjoy not just the beauty but also the longevity of your brand new living area for several years to come.

We are hardworking and meticulous, so much so that even our clean up happens to be completely thorough. We leave your house completely clean if not cleaner than how we found it. We value your time, comfort and money, provide you updates on the project and work as per the comfort of your family.

Our central idea is to match up and exceed our valuable customer expectations and to transform the entire look of your house with our int/ext paint remodeling expertise..